Welcome to the Nadaburg Elementary School Library!


Mrs. Kehoe - Librarian a.k.a. Library Girl

Keeper of the Books, defender of the written word, and vanquisher of video game brain drain! 

We have a lot of great things happening here at Nadaburg, some of which prevent me from updating my web page as often as I should!  You can always ask your child what book they are reading, or better yet, read it with them! 

Again and again, studies show that when children see the adults in their life reading and valuing education, they do better in school.  Read with your child every day!  Parents, guardians and community members are welcome to come in and set up a library account. 

Library Hours: 9:00 - 4:00 school days.


Library Catalog

You can click on the link below and access the main page for our library catalog. 
From the main page you can click on either site, Nadaburg Elementary or Desert Oasis Elementary.

No matter what school you choose, while searching for a title, you can look at both libraries. How cool is that? Just make sure that in the search page, you ask it to search in 'all elementary schools'. You can search by any key word - type in a subject, an author's name, part of the title. It is a very friendly program! 

Also available from the search page are the Resource Lists.  It is right in the middle of the main page, you can see what lists other people have been searching, or you can look at them all. The lists have been created based on our district's required reading lists for each grade, favorite authors, study areas for certain grades, and some of my personal favorites! 

Check back - as I read wonderful books that we have at our campuses, I add them to the lists. My personal lists are: Kehoe's Reads, Kehoe's Picture Books, Kehoe's Non-Fiction and Teacher Reading.

Want to check to see if the book you're reading has an A/R quiz? Use Accelerated Reader's web site to find out!

Book Challenges

In 2012, I read an awesome book by Donalyn Miller called The Book Whisperer.  She is a sixth-grade teacher in Texas whose classes consistently score the highest on their State test, the TAKS.  She believes her students' success is related to their love of reading.  He classroom culture is based on reading whenever there is a moment of down time.  She believes that for teachers to encourage students to read, they have to show kids that they read too!  She challenges her students each year to read at least 40 books during the course of the school year. She also keeps track of the books she has read.  I thought it was a wonderful idea, so I set out to read 40 novel-length books during the school year.   

The first year or so I did this, I was on my own - no adults, no kids played along.  Since then , some of my beloved coworkers have gotten on board, some kids I know have passed me by a LOT, and I even have some friends and family who have joined the 'mission' via Facebook.

There is no prize or real competition, but we do have lively conversation about all the amazing books we are reading! 


Weather Station
Check out the data collection station the next time you are in the Library.  Look out the west windows at the old campus and you will see the equipment on the roof of the old computer lab! 

Mrs. Kehoe

Hello! My name is Mrs. Kehoe and I am the librarian here at Nadaburg Elementary School. 

To give you some background - I was born in and lived in Upstate New York until I was 15 years old.  I have never been to New York City!   I am married, with 3 grown daughters, one step and 2 all mine, both of whom attended Nadaburg Elementary School.  We have dogs, cats, fish, and if you think I have a lot of plants in the library, I have even more at home! I am the proud Granny of 3 girls and 1 boy.
I like to spend time at home with my family; cooking, working around the house, reading, and watching movies.
I have been at NES since January of 2005 - I got hired the same time as Miss Hodges at Desert Oasis! I have been in the library biz since 1998 - when my oldest daughter started kindergarten, and I began volunteering at her school.  One thing led to another and here I am! Truth be told, my library journey actually began much earlier than that; I  have always loved books and believe that words are the most wonderful things on earth! I helped in classroom libraries all through school and spent as much time in my junior high school library as I could get away with.

You can reach me at the school by phone 623.388.2321 x 2112 or by e-mail, 

Here are pictures of my favorite people!